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Papadeli catering & hampers
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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cookery classes - Delicious vegetarian cookery.

Cookery classes:

Delicious vegetarian dishes £65 February 16th 

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Vegetarian cookery doesn't have to be repetitive or dull.

Our head chef, Stephanie Smith, ex Jamie Oliver's Watergate Bay and Michelin trained, shows you how to make Vegetarian food delicious.
Learn tips on how to make easy suppers for a Monday night or dishes suitable for a Saturday night dinner party.

It's always so easy to reach for the meat but how much healthier is the occasional feast of vegetarian dishes? Here's the place to get some inspiration!

 Papadeli Head Chef Stephanie (ex Jame Oliver's Watergate Bay) demonstrates how to make the best of European vegetarian cookery with a special focus on health dishes using sustainable ingredients. A mastercalss in creative, seasonal cooking suitable for a Monday night supper or a Saturday night dinner party.