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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bristol's cookery school @ Papadeli

Papadeli Cookery School 2012

Through a combination of teaching, demonstrations, putting your learning into practice and trying out new techniques and tips, you will create a delicious meal for you to sit down and enjoy with your fellow chefs.

Pick up tips from the best of Bristol’s chefs and take home know how to do it yourself and wow your friends and family.
To book:
email or tel: 0117 973 6569
Book online here

All classes will be on Thursdays from 6.30 to 9.30 

Classes are held in our brand new top floor kitchen in Clifton, Bristol - a beautiful space and a pleasure to work from.
We can recommend accommodation should you need it.

Papadeli salads and seasonal cooking £65 January 19th

Make those delicious salads and casseroles using those everyday store cupboard ingredients and liven them up with seasonal vegetables, herbs and spices. You will never see chickpeas, lentils, pulses and beans in the same light again!

Papadeli sweet and savoury treats £65 February 2nd
 Lori, ex Ballymaloe and now Papadeli pastry chef leads a masterclass of sweet and savoury baking. We will be covering pastry techniques and learning the secret of those famous Papadeli cakes and treats.

Vegetarian Cookery £65 February 16th
Papadeli Head Chef Stephanie will demonstrate European vegetarian cookery with a focus on healthy dishes using sustainable
ingredients. A masterclass in creative seasonal cooking learning how to come up with delicious and easy meals suitable for both a Monday night supper or Saturday dinner party

Spiced to perfection - Indian Cookery £65 March 1st
Navina from Coconut Chilli will take you on a spice trail across India. Learn to cook traditional Indian dishes like spiced lamb keema with petit pois, South Indian sambar or blackened tandoori chicken.

Papadeli Meat Masterclass £95 March 8th
Jake, a chef who's worked in all the best Bristol restaurants, shows you how to break down various cuts of meat supplied by Ruby and White butchers . We will look at which cuts are best for which dishes. Learn to cook delicious slow braised dishes along with quicker supper meals.

Provencale Cookery £75 March 15th
Big flavours with rough edges. Mountains, rivers and the sea. We will cover fish, meat and vegetable dishes with seasonal variation. A real treat for lovers of provincial regional cooking.

Spring in Italy £75 March 30th
A celebration of beautiful ingredients and wonderful rustic cooking. Risotto, polenta, pesto, panzanella, Italian breads. slow braised meat dishes. From Tuscany to Sicily this is a celebration of  all things Italian.

Papadeli breads and pastries £65 April 12th
Lori ex Ballymaloe and now Papadeli Pastry Chef lets you into the wonderful world of breads and baking. You will make both savoury and sweet breads and bakes and come away which a renewed passion for baking!

Papadeli Fish Masterclass £95 April 19th

 Jake, one of Bristol's best chefs, will take you through all you need to know about fish and shellfish. Simple techniques of how to cook fish to perfection. Sourcing sustainably, what to look for when buying fish, focusing on filleting skills and preparation. For fish lovers and those in need of converting!

Papadeli tapas class £65 April 26th
Simon aka Papa loves all things Spanish and this is a chance to put together one of our famous tapas feasts. Dishes will include the best of Spanish tapas from tortilla Espanola, aioli, albondigas, slow braised squid, huevos rancheros, pan con tomate, pinchos, mushrooms, almonds and sherry vinagrette, salt cod brandade, croquettes and much, much more…….

Children’s classes £30
“It was a fun entertaining way to learn to cook. I especially enjoyed eating it all at the end! “
These hands on cookery classes taught by the lovely Louise Barnard are fun and inspiring, teaching children how to prepare healthy and tasty dishes from fresh ingredients. Papadeli believes in developing children’s cookery skills through active learning. Children will get the opportunity to cook dishes such as Moroccan spiced chicken, lemon cous cous, chocolate fudge cake and pitta bread. Get them into cooking early!
Classes run during holidays and are suitable for 8-14 year olds.
Wednesday Feb 15th Saturday 25th February Tuesday 3rd April