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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

panettone puzzler

Having spent many years thinking panettone was an overrated bit of stuff that people felt they should eat at Christmas time, I can say with confidence now that I LOVE panettone. What has changed? I have become more adventurous in the world of the high rise, vanilla scented Italian treat and have left behind me those that were mass produced mountains of dryness. Gosh, I even think I have reached a climax with some of this year's samples - with the king of the cakes being the Loison cherry panettone. Made with real butter (you can taste it) it smells delightful - buttery, vanilla fragranced, fruity and well, cosy - if you can smell like that? It is moist, but not as a wet fruit cake can be, it is light - but not without substance... It takes me to a warm corner in a festive room and fills me with comfort. All that in a cake. Amazing.

What is challenging this year, is that with the EURO being so strong, and general prices being higher, we are finding it difficult to accept the prices - maybe we've been out of touch and refusing to face reality - but we're looking at £20 for a good panettone. I think as a centre piece for any Christmas table or tea, it will pay its way as the taste justifies the price. We have managed to persuade ourselves - but will we persuade our customers? I think so. I can imagine giving it to friends and family as a lovely gift that can be shared - and gifts like that, that give a warm feeling, are generally difficult to come by.