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Thursday, 27 January 2011

the story so far....

the gap at the top has now been filled!
So, Christmas and New Year over, we closed the shop and cafe for two weeks whilst Hank and his team took down the old staircase, built a new one, along with a fireproof wall and porch in to the downstairs coffee shop/deli and upstairs cafe.  He got it all done and we opened again on time (more or less).  Closing a business for that length of time is pretty stressful as there is NO money coming in and everything you have taken over Christmas flies out the window.

the new top floor!

Hank is now finishing off the top floor which was built as a shell before Christmas.  The new glass doors will arrive soon, a floor will go down, bathroom in, kitchen and cookery equipment is all on its way.  We're looking to open it all at the beginning of March, which is very, very exciting.  Papa, being a teacher originally all those years ago, has been dreaming about teaching people how to do his favourite thing, which is cooking, and finally his moment has come..... well, nearly!!

We already have bookings for a hen night, some corporate cooking events and lots of interest in how to make Papa's delicious food, so things are so far so good.

If you'd like any information at all about how it's all going, what classes will be on offer or what catering services we offer - just email us or phone 0117 973 6569.