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Friday, 23 January 2015

New menus up on the Papadeli website

Catering menus

It takes us a long time to create menus as we want our food to be unique and original.  We ask ourselves, what would we like to eat a a wedding or party, what food have we enjoyed in the past, what food has been raved about....  We then compile lists and choose the best for our menus.  

We know it's not easy choosing the food for your event, so we want to make it as easy as possible - easier said than done! Hopefully our new menus are simple enough for everyone to see at a glance what it is that we do.  Hopefully everything sounds delicious and mouthwatering enough for you to want to find out more!!

We have worked very hard on our sharing feast menus.  It is something we love to do - big plates, boards and bowls or plentiful, delicious ingredients that everyone can tuck into.  We place these on each table, so everyone can help each other to food - it all feels very relaxed and gets everyone chatting.  

We make a mean canapé, even if we say so ourselves - all beautifully crafted, but not too fussy, as we know the ingredients speak for themselves.  We don't freeze anything - it's all creative and original and always well received.  What better way to kick off your event or party than with a glass of wine or fizz with a round of tasty canapés?

Cakes and puddings are a speciality - all made at our deli on Alma Road, so you'll be able to come and see for yourselves the sort of things we do.  From our famous brownies to a range of fabulous cakes, you know it's all going to be hand made and quite delicious.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Papadeli recipe in Crumbs Magazine this month

The August issue of the great foodie magazine in Bristol and Bath, Crumbs is out.  It's full of interesting foodie articles and a number of delicious recipes from local chefs.  This month features a recipe by Papa himself, Simon MacDonnell.
Beautifully seasonal and fresh, this salad makes a great starter, or increase portion sizes and serve with some lovely bread and maybe some cold meats as a healthy lunch.
Make sure you find yourself a copy of Crumbs and take a look!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Recipe - Raspberry, oaty, nutty bars

Raspberry Oaty Nuts Bars  -
makes 1 small flapjack tray
Oaty, nutty, sweet and fruity, these bars make a gorgeous change from normal flapjacks –  they’re very popular in the deli with a cuppa!
360g flour  
1 tsp baking powder
300g diced butter
180g sugar
3 pinch salt
240g oats
 1/2 large jar raspberry jam
 440g flaked almonds
 400g chopped nuts of your choice

100g pumpkin seeds or mixed seeds
300g butter
225g sugar
120g milk
2 tbsp golden syrup
3 tsp vanilla
Grease and line the tin with baking paper.


In a wide mixing bowl, rub the butter into the flour, baking powder and salt. Stir in the oats and sugar. Arrange this mix in the tin but do not pack it tightly! Bake for 20 mins or until slightly golden. Allow to cool slightly before topping with jam.

For the topping, melt the butter, sugar, milk, golden syrup and vanilla in a heavy based saucepan. Stir and allow to bubble slightly to combine. Pour over the nuts and dollop over the jam. Using a palette knife gently spread the mixture to completely cover the jam. Bake for a further 30 minutes. Allow to cool and set before cutting. Best cut straight from tin!

A celebration of Summer - a feast for £40 June 22nd

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Our May supper celebrates Spring!

Our supper evenings are just lovely, even if we say so ourselves.  We open up the cafe and deli once a month or so for a feast of flavour.  Our chef, Tom Quick has devised a beautiful Spring menu that you can sit back and enjoy.  No stress of choosing from a menu and wishing you had what someone else has chosen - just relax and enjoy the delicious food in relaxed surroundings.
These evenings sell out quickly, so please book as soon as possible.  
TO BOOK - phone 0117 973 6569, email or you can book online here.

Spring Feast menu May 3rd, 7.30pm  £40

Crostini served with a glass of prosecco
Chopped chicken liver with caramelized grapes
White bean & wild garlic
Aubergine caviar with truffle oil

Marinated buffalo mozzarella, grilled English new season asparagus with parmesan, warm octopus & spicy potato salad.
Served with Papadeli foccacia & olives

Slow cooked pork belly or Roast fillet of hake, Umbrian lentil, plum tomato, fennel and rosemary with spring greens & salsa verde.

Baked amaretti custard with lemon & vanilla

Fiore sardo ewes cheese, Pane carasau & mostarda fruit

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Cookery Classes at Papadeli

Spring  and Summer  2013

Book online here
Thursday 9th May £75
Family cooking – need a bit of inspiration?
Extend your repertoire, learn tips and techniques to enhance flavours – cook with speed and ease!
Casseroles, quick supper dishes, tips for using up ingredients creatively, one pot cooking, simply delicious puddings.

Beginner’s cookery class
Wednesday 8th & 22nd May and Wed 12th and 26th June
£200 for the 2 month, fortnightly course
Learn the basic art of cookery, knife skills, dressings, butchery, fish prep, sauces, soups. Our professional chef shows you how to achieve confidence in the kitchen.
You’ll be a master-chef after the 2 months!

Thursday 23th May £75
Tapas of Southern Spain
Learn to cook quick Sevillana dishes. Where Spain and Moorish cuisine meet – big flavours, great ingredients. Wow your friends and family with your new tapas knowledge!
…gazpacho, Pulpo, Chipirones, Salpicon, Sardinas rellenas, escabeche, estufado, escalfados, tortilla, aioli and more …

Thursday 13th June £75
Summer in Tuscany
Tuscany is famous for great ingredients, rustic dishes, lots of flavour. Introduce some seasonal Cucina Italiana into your kitchen!
Create delicious dishes with the finest Summer produce…tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, artichokes, beans, peaches, ….

Thursday 27th June £75
Mediterranean salads, suppers and puddings
The abundance of seasonal ingredients brings flavour, simplicity and health benefits from one of Europe’s favourite cuisines.
Escalivada, Panzanella, Fattoush, Farro, Esquixada, Nicoise, Chicken Orvieto, Risotti, Poached fruits, fruit tarts …..

Thursday 11th July £75
Papadeli Picnics
Brighten up your Summer and step away from the curling ham sandwiches! Enjoy creative picnics using seasonal ingredients that take little time to prepare. Tips and inspiration on selecting great ingredients and creating Summer dishes that will be a treat for not only the picnic hamper.

Thursday 25th July  £75
Celebration of British summer produce
We should be proud of our British food heritage and this class will inspire you to create mouthwatering, inventive dishes that will keep your table fresh and delicious.

These courses include hands on cooking, demonstrations,
plenty of food and wine…
To book please call 0117 973 6569, email or book online at

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Papa interviewed for

Simon MacDonnell aka Papa, chef and owner of Papadeli in Bristol, (the uber-foodie Papadeli Cafe is housed in the RWA).
I love neighbourhood restaurants – and one of my favourites is Green’s Dining Room on Zetland Road.  2 brothers and their wives run this cosy bistro – food is consistently good and there’s always a warm welcome.
On a summer’s day, the Lido in Clifton is just the place – eat brilliant food while basking the water’s reflections. This is also a superb place for a massage – the masseuse here always get it right and listening to the water lap against the pool sides just perfects the whole experience.  Finish off with a cup of Lahloo rosebud tea – just wonderful.
For a perfect for a lazy day picnic it’s got to be Tyntesfield – just on the outskirts of Bristol – a beautiful National Trust owned property, with stunning kitchen garden & grounds.
My two boys, Tomos and Sam never seem to tire of @Bristol Science Centre.  They spend hours there experimenting on the equipment, watching planetarium shows and getting excited by  scientific explosions.
Bristol’s a thriving place for innovative ideas & speakers – I always love going to the Festival of Ideas to hear interesting and inspirational speakers at St George’s – most recently I went to see Harry Belafonte – a legendary figure that I’ll never forget.
Bristol is an amazing place for theatre – we are absolutely spoilt for choice.  The Old Vic shows are great – favourite are the productions by the Knee High Theatre Company for their hilarious and thought provoking shows.  The Tobacco Factory always has something worth seeing from the sublime to the controversial.  Their children’s shows are not to be missed!
I love walking up to the University of Bristol’s Botanical Gardens near the Downs.  They moved all the plants there some 6 years ago and it’s just a beautiful place to wander around.  I particularly love the Triffid- like pitcher plants that digest whole mice! I’ve never had much time to get into gardening, but walking around here makes me want to start!
Sitting on a balcony, sipping a cold beer makes me feel like I’m abroad – the Royal Academy on The Triangle has a brilliant balcony – having a café there, I don’t get much time to sit up on the balcony – but I always send friends there as it’s the best balcony in Bristol.
I’m not a great one for shopping – my treat is to buy food, and having a deli, I’m lucky enough to be able to do that on a daily basis!  If I do need to shop I love Park Street or Gloucester Road – lots of interesting things to look at interspersed with many opportunities for a coffee break.
On a sunny day (not so numerous at the moment) we’ll drive up to the Quantocks and have a picnic.  I spent my teenage years in Churchill, North Somerset, walking the hills, so love going back there to my favourite haunts.